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CZ-USA CZ 75 9mm 4.7
USD 821.93 USD 729.00

UPC : 806703911083
Department :Handguns
Category (Action) :Semi-Automatic
Caliber :9MM
Barrel Length :4.7"
Class : Restricted
Capacity :16+1
Manufacturer :CZ
Model :CZ75B Stainless Glossy
Country of Origin :United States of America

UPC 806703911083
Department Handguns
Category Semi-Automatic
Caliber 9MM
Manufacturer CZ-USA
Description CZ-USA CZ 75 9mm 4.7 16+1 Black Synthetic Grip Stainless Finish
Detail The CZ-75B features the short recoil tilt barrel with radial locking lugs. The characteristic features of all versions are the following double column magazine all steel dual action fixed sights and slide stays open after last cartridge has been fired. The CZ 75 B SA single action is identical to the CZ 75 B in all aspects except that it has a single action trigger mechanism and a drop-free magazine. The CZ 75 BD only has a decocker not a manual safety.