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Commonly Asked Questions.

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  1. Can I buy from the US site?

    Yes you can buy anything off www.irunguns.com that is admissible into Canada, this includes all firearms and accessories.  There is no importation or brokerage charge on anything off the site.  Should you not be sure if a product is admissible into Canada please email one of our staff and they will be more than happy to help you out.

  2. Can I buy high capacity magazines off either site?

    Yes all magazines will be pinned free of charge to comply with Canadian laws before entering Canada.

  3. If I buy off the US site, how long does it take to get my order?

    Due to the nature of exporting defense articles IRUNGUNS exports once a month.  This gives us enough time to apply for the necessary permits and licenses needed to facilitate your purchase.  Provided you purchase before the 15th of the month your order will arrive in Canada the 1st week of the following month.  Please understand that statutory holidays and weekends can cause small delays in the export of all defense articles.

  4. How come the Canadian site is in US funds?

    IRUNGUNS in Canada is only the importer, broker, and shipping agent for IRUNGUNS LLC in the US.  IRUNGUNS LLC owns both sites and all inventory sold.

  5. I have sent multiple emails regarding my order and haven't received a response…

    Please understand we do our best to get back to everyone.  IRUNGUNS as a whole receives in excess of 300 emails a day and numerous phone calls.  Unfortunately the people qualified to answer your emails and phone calls also have a variety of other responsibilities and in some cases can fall behind in replying, especially when the exports are being prepared for departure from the US or are being shipped out of the Canadian location.   Please log into your account as you now have the ability to track and review your orders.

  6. I am wondering if IRUNGUNS received my firearm or accessory from a third party for export to Canada.

    We ask that you always get confirmation or tracking information from the seller when importing defense articles.  IRUNGUNS sometimes receives over 100 packages a day and as such it takes time to inventory, sort and  receive your orders.  The website will update your account status once everything has been processed…  At that time you will be asked to log into your account and pay the balance, that being the GST, Duty if there is any, and Canadian shipping..  This system has been designed to streamline the process and ensure that once your order has cleared CBSA it can be shipped right out to you without delays.

  7. Why do I have to pay shipping twice when ordering off the US website?

    As we are unable to ship these articles directly to you because of US regulations and the required permits from either the Dept. of State and or the Dept. of Commerce the shipping had to be broken up into 2 parts.  We have flat rated the shipping from the US to Canada which is collected upon checkout from the US site.  Once your order has been processed and cleared for export you will be notified and asked to log back into your account and pay the GST and the Canadian shipping in Canadian funds.  By facilitating it this way there will be no delays in getting your order out once it clears CBSA.

  8. How does warranty work should I encounter a problem with my purchase?

    IRUNGUNS LLC maintains a Type 8 FFL which allows us to move firearms back and forth between borders.  Our warranty is directly with the Manufacturer in the US.  Should you have a dilemma with your purchase please email warranty@irunguns.us with your concern, a copy of your purchase order, and pictures of the issue so we can assess what action or actions need to be taken .  Should you not follow these easy steps we will be unable to provide a remedy to your problem.

  9. Why are the prices different from the US site to the Canadian site?

    Please understand it costs more to inventory defense articles in Canada.  There is shipping, brokerage and importation that have to be accounted for.  Along with storage and many other costs that we do not have in the US.

  10. Can you source something for me that is not on your site.

    We are sorry but we do not have the time or resources to source items for individual export.  IRUNGUNS LLC inventories over 55000 products please look on www.irunguns.com as you may find what you seek.

  11. Do you import firearms or accessories from other retailers in the US?

    Yes IRUNGUNS runs a complete import service.  Please click on this link http://irunguns.ca/content.php?page=import-process to answer all of your questions.

  12. I am trying to by an item from www.irunguns.com but there is no price or the site will not allow me to complete the purchase.

    Should this happen it means we are currently out of stock and the site has not updated completely.  As most everything on our site is commonly stocked please keep checking back as you should see it back in inventory shortly.