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US to Canada Export Schedule

News Date : 25th January, 2019


United States to Canada Export Schedule:


Orders placed from our U.S. store (www.irunguns.com) and 3rd party imports, cut off on the 15th of each month (at the end of business day 5:00pm MST) and will generally arrive to our Canadian warehouse within the first 10 - 14 days of the following month (dependent on holidays and weekends) and then shipped out to our customers the following week.

  - For example, if you order between February 16th to March 15th, your order should arrive to our Canadian warehouse within the first 10 - 14 days of April and shipped out the following week.  If you order between March 16th to April 15th, your order should arrive to our Canadian warehouse the first 10 - 14 days of May and shipped to you the following week.

You can also check the status of your order by logging into your account on our Canadian site at www.irunguns.ca and clicking on "Account" in the top right-hand corner of the page.

*** Please note weekends and statutory holidays may cause delays ***


Please note:  As of June 26, 2018 we had been notified by the US State Department that all firearms having "China" as the original Country of Origin have now been sanctioned. 

Due to the new US sanctions with China, we will no longer be importing Defense Articles with China as the country of origin. We have also been made aware that firearms with Russian origin are heavily screened and can cause further delays in the export process. Please keep this in mind when purchasing products in the United States.


Please keep in mind, optics and shotguns may take longer to export due to being governed by the Department of Commerce and permits could possibly take longer than the usual 30 days.

All NFA items usually take 90 days for ATF clearance to leave the US Commerce.

Once your order has been packaged and processed for export, you will receive an email link to log into your account on our Canadian website and pay the balance in Canadian funds, which consists of 5% GST and Canadian shipping from our Canadian warehouse to your shipping address you provided in your order.  

Standard shipping is through Canada Post Expedited. ( Firearms cannot be shipped using Xpresspost or Priority, so please choose Expedited )

We are unable to combine orders or add to orders after they are placed so please make sure you order everything at one time. Shipping is also cheaper that way.


Please be advised we only export from the United States to Canada and vice versa.


Should you have any questions, please call our office at (780) 449-7220.