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News Date : 31st December, 2019

IRUNGUNS now offers our customers the option to do a Temporary Import from Canada to the US and then back to Canada should you require custom work done on your firearm.

The import fee is $200.00CAD which will include the following:

Temporary brokerage and importation of your firearm to the United States.

Processing and shipping of your firearm to the Gunsmith or FFL of your choice. Please keep in mind you will be responsible to pay the shipping costs to and from our AZ warehouse.

Processing, shipping and re-export of your firearm back to our Canadian facility.

GST on the custom work of your firearm and Canadian shipping to your door will also be collected.

We kindly ask that you print off any email correspondence between you and the Gunsmith and include it when shipping us your firearm.

We will not take responsibility for communicating between you and the Gunsmith, the work to which you want to have done, or making recommendations. This will be your responsibility.

Timelines will very based on who you choose to have the custom work done for you.

There will also be a $25.00CAD flat rate shipping which is the cost to import your firearm from Canada to the US and back to Canada.


When completing your import form, please specify under additional notes, if this will be a temporary import for custom work.

We will require all this information completed 

Make (Manufacturer):



Mode of Fire:

Barrel Length:

Overall Length:

Serial Number:

Country of Origin (nothing from Russia or China):

Wood type (if any, for the Lacey Act):

Where the firearm will be shipped to, once it arrives to the USA (you must supply all of the information of the FFL dealer):


If you have any questions please call 928-505-6794 and ask for Amber or please email amber@irunguns.us