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News Date : 30th July, 2019


~~ Latest export news as of July 30, 2019 ~~


All of our Canadian staff are still processing the export that arrived and we are shipping out packages as quickly as possible. This recent export is extremely large so therefore we are limited on being able to answers phones and emails in a timely manner.

Should your call be important, please give our Arizona store a call at (780) 449-7220 ext 3 and they should be able to help answer your questions.


Thank you for your patience, we hope to be caught up by the end of next week.






~~ Latest export news as of July 19, 2019 ~~


The export truck has arrived to our Canadian facility this morning. We will start the process of unloading the truck, sorting through packages, verifying their contents, wrapping packages and shipping them out as quickly as possible.

Being as we are short-staffed, we will have all available staff devoted to processing this export. So please be patient with us as we wont be able to devote much time during the day to answer phone calls and emails.

You will receive your tracking number emailed to you once your package leaves our Canadian warehouse.


Thank you for your patience!





Please be advised, all exported “Defense Products” out of the United States are regulated by two Government agencies: 

1. The Department of Commerce - which takes up to 30 - 45 days for permit adjudicating.
2. The US State Department - which is now stating permit adjudicating will be on average of 45 days.

When there are changes in Export Regulations, Civic holidays, extensive Government shutdowns, or when the Government is short-staffed it creates unforeseen delays. 

IRUNGUNS is like every other manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Defense Products; we are at the mercy of the Government. We share your frustration and we are waiting, just like you are, for things to start moving.  All we can do at this point is keep everyone up to date.

This was released to us last week by the US State Department, they are enforcing Section 38 of the AECA:

“Dear Carolyn,

Thanks for your email regarding DDTC provisos to restrict certain pinned magazines. We understand that pinning magazines is an acceptable practice in most instances and wanted to give you additional guidance for submitting these cases going forward. DDTC is not against the pinning of magazines that have a capacity of 32 rounds or below. Therefore, we ask that when submitting a license application for pinned magazines that you state:
“Magazines up to a 32 round capacity pinned to [X] rounds.” This will alleviate the need for you to submit a separate line item for each magazine.

However, DDTC will continue to restrict the export of high capacity magazines (defined as those over 32 rounds) – pinned or not – to government end use only. This is why DDTC needs to know the unaltered magazine capacity for the licenses you submitted.

Section 38 of the AECA allows DDTC to restrict the end use of USML defense articles in order to “control imports and exports of defense articles in furtherance of world peace and security and foreign policy of the U.S.” Section 38 is implemented on a case by case basis in response to concerns regarding the end use of defense articles and in reaction to U.S. foreign policy objectives."

The above release means there will be no more magazines with an original capacity of over 32 rounds exported from the United States. 

All of our license applications have been affected, as every one of our license applications has a firearm with a magazine in it.

To clarify: this has further delayed all license applications, and please, before you start firing off emails, we will keep everyone up to date here and on CGN at this link: CanadianGunNutz

The US State Department was kind enough to allow an addendum to be added to all current license applications rather than having us resubmit them. These license applications will go back into review status but will not require re-submission, which would have created extensive delays. We are very thankful for their help and for allowing us to use an addendum. We will keep everyone in the loop.

Thank you for your understanding in the ever changing world of exporting defense products.




Please note that the U.S. State Department is still working through Furlough delays, being severely short-staffed, and a continued backlog due to the 36 day U.S. Government shutdown from January.

These delays are also part of the U.S. State Department now enforcing ITAR 122.1 which requires every manufacturer, supplier, and exporter to be registered and approved with the DDTC.

A couple of our permits were unfortunately subject to ITAR 122.1, these commodities had to be removed and resubmitted. The customers who were effected have been notified as well as the manufacturers, as their licenses had lapsed. 

We have been advised that a number of manufacturers have not paid their registration renewals with the DDTC in the hopes of categories 1, 2 and 3 of the USML migrating to the Dept of Commerce.

Bill HR1134 had been introduced in February to delay or stop those categories from migrating from the USML to the ECCN.

As this has now been brought to light, we are restructuring things to ensure we do not experience these delays in the future. 

We will keep this page updated once the permits are released and the export truck is on it's way.