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News Date : 8th February, 2020


Current Export Update and IMPORTANT changes to Export Reform:


Our monthly export schedules have always cut off on the 15th of each month.


For the month of February we will be cutting off at 5:00 pm MST on February 10th, 2020. 


This effects all orders placed online at www.irunguns.com from January 16th to February 10th, 2020.

This also effects all 3rd Party Imports (purchases made from other sources and we provide the export services)


Please ensure your orders are placed prior to the cut-off on February 10th (please don't wait until the last minute to get your orders in)


There have been some extensive changes to Export Reform over the last 30 days.


The DDTC (Directorate of Defense Trade Controls) is changing their complete structure and going to a DECCS cloud-based system (Defense Export Control and Compliance System).

This takes effect on February 14th, thus we feel our license applications need to be in their system prior to their transition.


As of March 9th, USML Categories I, II and III (Control of Firearms, Guns, Ammunition and Related Articles) will be transitioning from the US State Department to the Department of Commerce.


We will also be pre-filing our licenses with the Dept of Commerce so that we are ready when the new changes take effect in the beginning of March.


Its unfortunate, but it was expected...


Although yesterday February 7, 2020, twenty-one State Attorney Generals filed a suit to derail or delay the migration of ITAR controlled items to the Dept of Commerce. This has been an ongoing 10 year transition and from what we have been advised it could be far from over.


The NSSF is in the process of filing a counter suit, so at this point it is anyone's guess as to what can or will happen.


We will do our best to be prepared either way.


We will continue to keep everyone updated!