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Gemtech GMT-HALO Inert Display Suppressor Aluminum Matte
USD 57.95 USD 53.32

UPC : 609224346903
Department :Supressors/NFA
Category (Action) :Supressors
Caliber :5.56 NATO
Barrel Length :
Class : Non Restricted
Capacity :
Manufacturer :GEMTECH
Model :Gmt-Halo 5.56 Inert Display Silencer
Country of Origin :United States of America

The Gemtech GMT-HALO is a non-functioning display version of the excellent HALO 5.56mm suppressor. Fits most any NATO-compatible muzzle device such as the A1 or A2 flash hider or the Primary Weapons FSC556 Battlecomp or SM556 brake. Does not fit Smith Vortex flash hiders.

No paperwork necessary as it has no sound-attenuating characteristics. Great for dealers to put on display without worry of theft prop weapons etc.